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Our unparalleled IT management and reporting service, Avalon, is tailored to fit the needs of your financial institution.

Trusted Network Security for the Financial Industry

We reach above and beyond to ensure enhanced security for your institution's most critical information.


24/7 Monitoring

Hackers don’t rest and neither do we. Our customized security architecture is constantly watching for potential threats to ensure that you know immediately if you are under attack.


Industry Experts

Financial institutions face the pressure of constant threats and regulatory burden in the IT space that cannot be addressed by generalists.  Our sole focus is the financial industry, making us the content experts in the financial sector for IT services.


Security That Evolves

Security threats are constantly developing, which is why our layered network security solution is constantly being enhanced. Our scalable network-defense architecture is constantly improving so that you can sleep at night.



Hear What Our Clients Have To Say


Trusted Partner to the Financial Industry since 1995

Other providers are generalists; their last call was from a manufacturer and their next call is from a car dealer. We know the needs and requirements of the financial industry; once you call us, the problem is solved.

The needs of a $100M institution are different than those of a $1B institution. Our services scale as you grow, and we will help you develop and manage a technology plan that’s right for your business.

Our financial institutions are always being audited and examined, which means that we are always current on the hot-button regulatory issues that can mean the difference between a good exam and a bad (and costly) one.

Our goal is to help our customers evolve.

We are not a sales-driven company, but rather a needs-driven company.

We build solutions and systems that match your institution and what you need to accomplish. When we get in touch, you won’t be asking yourself, “What are they trying to sell me now?” We want you to know that StrataDefense is a trusted advisor and not a company trying to sell you everything under the sun.