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Don’t Let Disaster Stop Your Business in its Tracks

IT-related emergencies – in the form of malware attacks, natural disasters, and system crashes – can occur at any time. It’s vital to have a plan in place to make sure your business can continue to accomplish work, maintain compliance, and keep downtime to a minimum.

Business Continuity and Data Backup Solutions

Ready for any Emergency

StrataDefense prepares your company for any disaster that could affect your IT infrastructure, whether it be human error, cybercrime, power outage or a natural disaster.

Proactive Planning

By configuring a robust virtual-machine structure, we can replicate your system at a moment’s notice during any type of on-site disaster.

Trustworthy Brand

Because of their undeniable disaster-recovery pedigree, we work with industry leaders to accomplish site replication for our clients.

Regularly-Tested Systems

By testing emergency systems as requested, we can ensure they are ready for use the moment they are needed.

StrataDefense Is Ready To Jump Into Service

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“StrataDefense has proven time and time again that they are there to help and protect us.”

-Michael M. Vice President & CFO, Madison Area Bank

“With StrataDefense’s knowledge of our industry, they understand what is required by our regulators and have monitoring systems in place that we use to keep them accountable for the appropriate management of our entire network system.”

-Russ T. Executive Vice President, Fort Atkinson Area Bank

“Having a team of experts with a proven track record in the IT industry watching over my entire network helps me sleep at night.”

-Nathan Q. VP of Operations, Wisconsin Rapids Area Bank