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As a financial institution grows, IT needs effective technology that is responsive and safe to use. Without the right IT Support, your organization risks costly downtime and potentially catastrophic data breaches. StrataDefense exists to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and to prevent the financial, regulatory,and repetitional risks associated with a data breach.

Our superior managed services plan includes the following essential IT solutions:


After years of responding to our customers’ technology needs, we developed an advanced architecture for managing your technology resources and providing you with real-time reporting capabilities that are essential to satisfying your institution’s risk management policy.

StrataDefense’s Avalon system provides active monitoring, logging, alerting, and reporting on your critical technology systems.  The Avalon system is configured to resolve issues quickly, before they result in costly disruptions or worse prolonged downtime.  Avalon provides you with the ability to have a StrataDefense technician remotely working to resolve and issue within minutes of the initial report.

  • Service tailored to your needs with our easily-scaled, enterprise-quality solutions, because we are a needs-based — not sales-based — provider.
  • IT support that ensures your compliance with financial industry regulations such as GLBA and SOX.
  • Reliable and automated backups to keep your data recoverable and your organization operating, no matter the type of emergency you run into.

Comprehensive Managed IT Services and Support

With StrataDefense’s comprehensive IT support that keeps your business remains productive and efficient, you will enjoy many benefits, including:

Peace of Mind

Dealing with IT problems on a daily basis gets old fast. The time it takes and the stress is causes can have detrimental effects on your productivity and the efficiency of your institution, but choosing StrataDefense as your managed service provider will ease your worries about security.

Maximum Uptime

Your financial institution benefits from the full range of Managed Services from StrataDefense, which means you and your employees can get more done without delays, crashes, or downtime. This means a better return on all of your investments, from hardware and equipment to employee wages.

Layered Security

Companies that suffer data breaches often face the task of doing damage control and suffer significant business losses.  With our comprehensive layered security solution, you can rest easy knowing that your company won’t be in tomorrow’s headlines.

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“StrataDefense has proven time and time again that they are there to help and protect us.”

-Michael M. Vice President & CFO, Madison Area Bank

“With StrataDefense’s knowledge of our industry, they understand what is required by our regulators and have monitoring systems in place that we use to keep them accountable for the appropriate management of our entire network system.”

-Russ T. Executive Vice President, Fort Atkinson Area Bank

“Having a team of experts with a proven track record in the IT industry watching over my entire network helps me sleep at night.”

-Nathan Q. VP of Operations, Wisconsin Rapids Area Bank