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Is Your Business’s Valuable Data Properly Protected Against Digital Threats?

Because hackers are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities in your network, we are continuously evolving our defense architecture to protect your business.

The reality is that small financial institutions are at risk because many of them believe that they’re safe with a basic firewall and virus scanning. The reality is that the most malicious threats are designed to bypass commonly-known defenses. By employing a series of layered defenses and configurations tailored to fit your institution’s needs, we are able to minimize your exposure. Our layered security model has evolved over time and continues to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape..

By working with federal law enforcement, federal and state examiners, and by constantly researching and learning about exploits hackers use to attack financial institutions, we are able to build you a better defense.

IT Security Solutions and Management

A trusted digital security provider for financial institutions, StrataDefense offers comprehensive security measures as a part of our Managed Services to identify and secure every possible vulnerability in your IT infrastructure, including:

Up-to-date firewalls to protect against malware, hacking, and other digital threats.

Email filtering and encryption for your institution to ensure your lines of communication are dependable.

Active monitoring of your hardware around the clock to identify and neutralize threats as they occur.

Active referencing of federal law enforcement alerts to ensure your system is prepared for the latest known threats.

Inadequate security can result in serious consequences

Data Theft

Whether it is an account number, drivers license number or an entire customer list of social security numbers, any loss of data will result in severe regulatory and public scrutiny.

Brand Reputation

No matter what kind of damage control you attempt after a breach, your institution’s brand will never be the same.

Beyond the Breach

The cost of damage control, loss of business, and any hefty fines for industry compliance violations will only add to your troubles after your business has been breached.

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“StrataDefense has proven time and time again that they are there to help and protect us.”

-Michael M. Vice President & CFO, Madison Area Bank

“With StrataDefense’s knowledge of our industry, they understand what is required by our regulators and have monitoring systems in place that we use to keep them accountable for the appropriate management of our entire network system.”

-Russ T. Executive Vice President, Fort Atkinson Area Bank

“Having a team of experts with a proven track record in the IT industry watching over my entire network helps me sleep at night.”

-Nathan Q. VP of Operations, Wisconsin Rapids Area Bank