Reduce your risk of data theft.

Improving your network security keeps data secure, protects personally identifiable information (PII), and reduces the risk of data theft and sabotage. For over 20 years small businesses, banks, and financial institutions have been trusting us to protect the most sensitive data.
  • Improve security, partnering with skilled IT professionals
  • Shift the stress of compliance to the service provider
  • Secure the latest infrastructure and technology for less cost
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Managed Security Services

Your business gets customized managed security services, from firewall configurations to security monitoring improvements, network security assessments, vulnerability scans, and more. You can trust us as a complete partner or alongside onsite teams to strengthen networks against looming cybersecurity threats. How would you feel with a more secure network?

Managed Network Support

From networking monitoring to project support to patch management, get the assistance your business needs. You’ll quickly understand why businesses across the Midwest speak highly of our steadfast, systematic approach. You can experience exceptional support to ensure your network is reliable everywhere you need it. Can you imagine having a more reliable network?

News and Important Updates

Gain valuable insights for banks in the featured article “Simplifying Technology and Network Security for Community Banks,” in Great Lakes Banker Magazine. Learn how our steadfast approach at StrataDefense leverages efficiency and compliance-ready reporting. Ensure your community bank has the foundations of a strong cybersecurity posture and what you can look for in a strong technology partner.

Your premiere network security solution.

We bring over 20 years of experience backed by credentials, best-in-class partners, and a constant innovative mindset to keep your network safe. Your business gets rigorous, layered-defense network security to protect sensitive data such as PII. With StrataDefense, your company is supported by compliant network management services and support. We work with strategic partners to support your business with the best hardware, software, and security features in the market.


Client Testimonial

I have worked with the principles of Strata since 2005 and have found them to be excellent to work with. Their knowledge of network architecture functionality along with their understanding of the inner workings of financial institution software is exceptional. In addition, their tenacity in staying abreast with cybersecurity issues brings comfort to our bank.
President and CEO
$500 Million Asset Bank

Get the responsiveness you want and the experience you need.

We are available, responsive, and committed as your IT partner. We want you to be able to reach us when you need it most, and we will share with your team what we are doing. When we share what is happening, you avoid feeling frustrated, confused, and end up feeling better prepared for tomorrow. 

–       Improve security, partnering with skilled IT professionals
–       Shift the stress of compliance to the service provider
–       Secure the latest infrastructure and technology for less cost
–       Lower IT-related costs from design to ongoing management