Business VPN: Setup Secure Connections for your Employees to Safely Access Private Data

What’s a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A secure VPN creates an encrypted connection over the internet between a private network and devices, such as a smartphone or laptop. In the past two years, many employees have started to work remotely. A business VPN allows remote workers to connect securely to a company server to access and edit files, apps, and other company resources without downloading documents to their devices.

A business VPN keeps private data secure and safe from hackers, government, and internet service providers (ISPs) as the data travel between devices and the company network. Employees can work remotely, and a VPN allows safe access from unprotected networks in places such as cafes, airports, hotels, and schools.

Business VPN versus consumer VPN

A business VPN includes more features than a consumer VPN to ensure your systems and data are protected. You need to have controls to help manage employees and their connections, so they don’t expose sensitive company data.

What makes a VPN secure?

With the right business VPN solution your internet activity stays within the channel between your devices, applications, and the VPN server, and your online activity and location are hidden to third parties trying to monitor or gather your data. Your ISP is not able to track your browsing activity, and you can feel confident about having privacy online. If you use a private window without VPN, your online activity is not stored on your device but can still be shared with your ISP provider and third parties.

To keep your system, activity, data, and location safe from third parties trying to exploit the information, you need a safe and secure VPN – which usually isn’t free.

We think a reliable and secure business VPN solution should include the following key features.

No-Logs and Encryption

Typically, with an ISP, your search history, what you download, login credentials and more are stored and can be reviewed by the government, advertisers, or other interested third parties. You want your data protected, and your information to stay private, which means you need to ensure with your business VPN that your online activity is not stored or disclosed and is purged.

Your business VPN should encrypt browsing history and user data to shield access from hackers or malware. In the unfortunate event that a third-party, such as a hacker, gains access to your business VPN, you want to make sure that there are no logs of data, location, or credentials.

You can ask a trusted IT partner about the security of your VPN. Be cautious with ‘free VPN providers’: free VPN providers sometimes reveal (or hide) in their privacy policy that they have third-party tracking systems, share, or sell user data.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is an extra layer of security to verify the identity of the user logging into a system or account. For example, in addition to providing a username and a secure password, the user can be asked to prove their identity through a second channel, such as confirming a code or number within a limited time from a different device, program, or secure app. A safe and secure business VPN program should have multiple layers of security to make it more difficult for a third party or hacker to access.

If you need more insight into better password practices, you can learn more about that from “Who can Remember 877yaijfn3yf?” where we discuss proper passwords and how to properly secure them.

Now What?

Your business VPN should ensure a safe and secure connection across your entire network from multiple endpoints, devices, applications, and locations. Whether your business, applications, and devices are 100% on-premise, 100% remote, or in a hybrid environment, by using a secure VPN you’re adding another layer of security.

With a trusted business VPN solution, you can feel confident that your client and employee data are as protected as possible from data breaches or cyberattacks like phishing attacks, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, DNS tunneling and others. Reduce your risk of data theft and keep your focus on growing your business when you know that you’ve set up secure connections for your employers and clients to access private company data remotely.

There may be more features you or your industry need for your business VPN solution. Contact our team at StrataDefense for a complimentary assessment or discussion for your specific needs.