About Us

About Us

StrataDefense, founded in 1995, started out serving the technology needs of small businesses. In 2001, we decided to focus on the financial industry. We saw the particular needs of this industry. We saw these needs being under-served by our competitors. The needs for first-class network security and for regulatory compliance. We knew our innovative approach to network security could meet those needs and make it easy for our clients to put their business first.  In 2018, we added to our already strong financial industry credentials by completing our SOC 2 Type 1 Certification and our baseline FFIEC Examination. 

But we don’t just serve the financial industry anymore. Our Managed Security Services and Network Support Services are perfect any company looking to supplement its IT team and to keep its data secure. 

What We Do

We provide our clients with rigorous, layered-defense network security. A lighter regulatory load with our compliant network management services and support. And peace of mind with our industry-leading Security Operations Center (SOC) and our TITAN Security Module. This 24/7 virtual security analyst, faster and better than a team of people, actively searches for Indicators of Compromise. When it finds something suspect, TITAN alerts us so we can stop an attack in its tracks. We are constantly innovating in the ever-changing technical landscape to keep our clients’ data safe. 

We don’t do it alone. Check out our list of Strategic Partners, who assist us in providing our clients with the best hardware, software, and security features on the market.

Our systems and our people are dedicated to protecting your network. StrataDefense is here to help.

Leadership Team

Tom Powers

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tom, one of the founders of StrataDefense, serves as its Chief Technology Officer. He has more than two decades of experience in the technology industry and the financial industry along with several industry certifications. Tom architects solutions to protect the critical networks of the highly-regulated industries StrataDefense serves. He has a passion for playing music, securing networks, and driving penetration testers insane.

Craig Gauss

Vice President, Development

Craig serves as the Vice President of Development. Craig streamlines and automates StrataDefense systems to improve processes for StrataDefense clients. With two decades of experience in technology in the the highly regulated healthcare and financial industries, Craig is well equipped to design and build automation for even the most complex networks.

Matt Hildebrandt

Chief Operating Officer

Matt serves as a Solution Engineer and Chief Operating Officer for StrataDefense. With 15 years in information technology, including 7 years working directly for two financial institutions, Matt has first-hand experience with designing network architecture to meet an institution’s strategic needs. He is also strangely energized by responding to queries from regulatory examiners.

Company Certifications

SOC II Type 1 Certified Provider

As a SOC II Type 1 certified provider, we take the necessary precautions to ensure that your organization’s data stays safe.

FFIEC Examined Managed Service Provider

As an FFIEC Examined Managed Service Provider, we understand the regulatory pressures that your organization faces. Our examinations provide evidence that we are doing our very best to ensure that your organization is compliant.