Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

In today’s competitive business environment, technology departments are being tasked with more and more line-of-business projects – on top of their normal work. You are forced to delay security efforts. Meanwhile the list of cyber security threats grows larger every day. In many cases, even if internal departments had the time, they don’t have the experience to secure the network properly. But we can. 

StrataDefense supplements your onsite team to better secure your network against emerging threats. We also take the time to bring your team up to speed with what we are doing. You know what is happening, and you are better prepared for tomorrow. Our Managed Security Services include all the benefits of Avalon with the addition of our powerful TITAN Security Module.

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StrataDefense Managed Security Services Include:

It’s not enough to have firewalls. To have the best firewalls. We configure your firewalls to make the most of these critical devices based on your network.

Our REACT Scan tool compares file hashes against blacklists provided by Federal Law Enforcement.

Our TITAN Security Module acts as an around-the-clock virtual security analyst searching for the indicators of compromise in your system.

Our system searches for attackers looking to survive your reboots and disarms them.

Regularly assessing and addressing vulnerabilities is critical to your security. And as your patch management program improves, vulnerability assessments show compliance and audit teams the marked progress.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be left unprotected throughout the network and is vulnerable to attack. StrataDefense finds your unprotected PII, so you can fix it before it becomes a problem.

To know what is happening in your network, we consolidate log events into one large index. And we have the expertise to use that index and react to any threat, fast.

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