Network Support Services

Network Support Services

Let us relieve your IT frustrations. Maybe you don’t have the budget to hire internal staff, maybe you can’t find people you trust. Maybe you don’t want managing IT to become your full-time job. But you can’t escape the need for IT. That is why StrataDefense provides everything from patch management to complete network management. With our IT services package, you get Avalon, the tool we developed to make managing IT better and more efficient.

We start by meeting with your team to understand your specific needs, and we develop a custom plan for your business.

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StrataDefense Network Support Services Include:

Our team, wherever you are, wherever we are, is ready to help you.

StrataDefense configures your Virtual Private Network to ensure your remote workers can access your system securely and safely.

Your business and technology are in a state of constant change. Our management team helps you to prepare for your future network and software needs.

Hardware and applications are the backbones of your business. We continually monitor their health and performance and ensure that all critical services are operating and responding correctly.

Prepare for the worst and don’t let your network be your concern when disaster strikes. StrataDefense helps you plan and test your disaster recovery system.

We regularly assess your current network and ensure it is optimized for performance and security.

StrataDefense reports provide the necessary insight into your network and systems on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Improve your strategic planning with a firm grasp on the age and health of your IT assets.

Thorough and timely patching is essential to mitigate vulnerabilities. A solid network security program starts with a solid patch management program.

StrataDefense provides free network security evaluations. We identify areas in need of attention, best practices, and considerations for the future based on current trends.

Have an IT project you need help with? Let our expert team guide you and ensure its success.

Concerned about an upcoming audit? StrataDefense helps you get your network up to standard. And we provide documents in a format proven to satisfy auditor needs.

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