Keep your network reliable and data safe.

Your network security and managed network support solution is structured specifically for your business because your organization uses unique technology, systems, processes, data management, and more. Bring in a team with the know-how and experience to not only support what you need, but keep you updated and explain what’s going on along the way. 

IT and security has a reputation to be new, confusing or even overwhelming so we promise to be your trusted advisor throughout the entire process. We want you to focus on your business, and we will keep you updated and knowledgable about what we’re doing and why. 

Are you ready for an IT partner that is available, responsive and committed to your technology security and infrastructure? 

Contact us today for an evaluation and learn more in the following about our managed security services and managed network support. 

Managed Security: Attack and Defend

Cybersecurity is like a video game of attack and defend, but there’s no reset button. Cybercriminals are always going to be attacking, no matter what. The way to win is to accept that you’re already playing and start defending. Call StrataDefense for a free consultation now (715) 842-7665

Dominate in your offense AND defense

To keep your network safe, we are constantly innovating with our team backed by experience and credentials team.

  • Rely on rigorous, layered-defense network security with us so your employees and customers face no interruptions.
  • Face a lighter regulatory load with our compliance driven network management services and support.
  • Gain peace of mind with our industry-leading Security Operations Center (SOC) and our TITAN Security Module.
  • Get an end-to-end solution for any of your IT needs including network security, network infrastructure and monitoring, device management, hybrid solutions, and more.

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