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StrataDefense created the TITAN Security Module (TSM) to automatically track actions an attacker must accomplish to gain access into a network. Unlike most monitoring tools that just look for missing patches and provide data on system health, TITAN actively protects you from attacks that have made it past the perimeter. And unlike a team of security analysts hunting through a massive list of possibilities, TITAN focuses on the specific signs of attackers doing what they have to do in order to gain a foothold into your network. 

When it finds something, TITAN issues an alert for our security operations team to investigate. Our security operations team is constantly on the lookout for TITAN alerts, continually monitoring your network for the indicators of compromise. Every alert is investigated and responded to. 

When TITAN detects an event that must be caused by an attacker, TITAN isolates the computer, alters the routing tables of the machine and severing its ability to communicate to the internet. This way, even without human intervention, TITAN automatically protects you from the worst security disasters. Once this happens, our security operations team then starts the forensic examination of the event, working to identify the source of the compromise and to ensure the attacker’s connection to your network is broken.

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Indicators of Compromise TITAN Continually Scans For:

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